ZodiacChic Post:Pisces

Every single useful thing I’ve done has come from the destruction of my mind, soul, and heart.


ZodiacChic Post:Pisces

Every single useful thing I’ve done has come from the destruction of my mind, soul, and heart.

I hate scrolling through my messages, seeing your name, and knowing you won’t even so much as say hello if I said, “Hey, how are you?”

Hi Tumblr.

Please, please make this get reblogged hundreds and hundreds of times? We miss our friend. There’s been more info about the car, so, that’s good. Please, check out the photo and if you or anyone that sees this has information, call the number on there.



Dancing to her own beat

There was a homeless girl pacing back and forth in front of Starbucks tonight. Talking to herself. Dancing to some music only she could hear. I had to write about it though I doubt the writing itself is very good. We don’t do enough - as a country or individuals - for the homeless or mentally ill here. It says a lot about the people we’ve become…


Yes, she’s talking to herself

Yes, she’s dancing to her own music

Or whatever demons have taken over her mind

To us, she’s just a ‘crazy’ person to avoid

As we walk down the street

To our less than important destinations

In our less than important lives

Too busy to care about anyone but ourselves

Her mind has been taken from her

Without that

No one really exists

You don’t know what happened

I don’t know what happened

But we ridicule anyway

No matter the consequence

She’s just a crazy person, remember

She’s nobody to us

Dancing to her own beat

Conversing with her own figments

Real or imagined

Her mind snapped

Weight of the world?


Diseased, rotted?

We don’t know what happened

Nobody cares

Their lives consumed and filled by everything but compassion

For those less fortunate

For those afflicted

For anyone outside their bubble

Yes, she’s talking to herself

And nobody is listening

Murdered. Absolutely murdered this dimwit.

Thank you, Katie Couric, for exposing her idiocy. Thank you, Tina Fey, for turning her into a joke. Fuck you, media everywhere, for making her relevant somehow.

*le sigh*

I learned yesterday that I have co-workers that believe racism is no longer an issue and that in many instances minorities have things easier. Must be tough to have things just handed to you because you woke up white, male, and heterosexual in the United States of America. I’m not saying that I couldn’t take advantage of some of the things that white people are afforded - if I cleaned up I could fit right in - but it really bothers me when I hear shit like this. The bubbles that exist in the world are frightening and the people that emerge from them when it pops are pretty much alien to me.

and weep softly into my dinner.

Let’s teach kids math with slavery! Just read the article, it’s fucking insane. South, please, secede, go away, and never come back to the USA.


So, I logged into mint.com today (excellent finance site, highly recommended) and decided to make sure everything was updated and correct. I had to make a quick change and when it was all said and done, after what I owned, had in the bank, and what I owed from school and credit cards was all tallied up? I’m worth, officially, $411. Easy, ladies, I know, I know. ; )

I guess the positive is that I’m in the black. I guess it’s also good that I have an opportunity to own and save given that the country is about a fortnight away from becoming a shanty town thanks to the economic geniuses known as Republicans. Seriously, most of these people are businessmen and women, how can they have such a sorry grasp on economics?

Anyway, aside from all of that, I think that this also raises another kind of question - can you really put a dollar amount on a human life? (Ask Ford, they did when it came to their Pintos exploding during a rear-end crash! The cost to settle with the families of the dead or injured was less than the cost to recall. Capitalism!) And, in the event that you can, should you?