This time next week I’ll be driving up into the Sequoias and I cannot wait. Pictures will be taken and beer consumed. It’ll be a nice break from the monotony.

Part of me just wants to throw everything away and drive around the country before settling somewhere I can just work under the table and draw or write until I meet someone lovely and just let the days play out as they shall.

7-11 in Hollywood, The Full Story

Last night’s blurb, seen here, was short and didn’t have much in way of detail. I’ll fix that.

After The Record Company’s unbelievable performance last night at Hotel Cafe, my friends and I went out to 4100 Bar for another couple of drinks. When the night ended, I needed to run and grab some Ibuprofen to ensure that I wasn’t hungover this morning when I finally decided to roll out of bed. There is a 7-11 a couple of blocks from where I live and I decided that was my destination. A long time ago a friend of mine said to never go there at night because of all the people that show up. I rarely listen to people when it comes to that, I’ve been there before at night and it was fine. Well, tonight made me regret ever not listening to him.

As I pulled up to the  store, there were two guys hanging out outside. I took them for normal homeless folks holding doors open for people in hopes of a bit of change in return for their kindness. I hear them comment on my car as I get out and then they both started to make hootin’ and hollerin’ noises as I walked towards them. I get a reasonable amount of attention for the vehicle so this isn’t uncommon. What’s uncommon is what happened next. As I began to walk away, one of the guys - a stocky Latino guy with a perfectly shaved and shaped goatee with a 49er hat on - extended his hand for a handshake. I figured it was just a “Hey, that’s a nice ride” kind of thing but, oh, was I wrong.

First, he didn’t let go of my hand. He was clearly more drunk than I was and asked me whether he could talk to me about the Masons. Yes, the Freemasons. He showed me his tattoo, his ring, the pin on his button-up shirt. To be polite, I said sure, thinking that it’d be a couple of minutes of my life and I’d be no worse for wear. Well, soon the conversation turned into a myriad of things, all of which I could only nod my head at and say, “Yeah, sure, man.” I can’t provide the blow by blow but I can tell you the following:

  • He gave me his “card” which stated that he was: a 7th degree black belt, a weapons expert, and had an inspirational quote from Bruce Lee. He also carried his cards in a Batman card holder, which I actually thought was kind of cool.
  • He was, in addition to being a Freemason, a former Marine with PTSD. This actually made me empathize with him. He was suffering from PTSD and was having trouble with the VA. This is a larger issue in this country and it pisses me off to no end. We will use these young men and send them off to die or do horrific things but when they come back, they may as well be invisible.
  • He owned 3 (this turned into nearly 9 by the end of the conversation) hot rods, including a ’64 somethingorother. He wanted to buy my Camaro.
  • He was looking for work. And, by work, I mean: he wanted to either be a bodyguard or KILL SOMEONE FOR ME. “I can make problems disappear. I’m licensed to carry.” He then proceeded to show me his gun. This is also about the time I became stone cold sober and looked around to determine whether or not I was about to get robbed for my car and/or shot in the goddamn parking lot of 7-11.
  • He liked my hair. Seriously. He even grabbed it! Then he told me about how long hair means power or something or other. He also kept shaking my hand but now he was doing some weird shit with his thumb, as if he were giving me a sign of some sorts. The next bullet point is interesting, to say the least.
  • I was finally at my car door and had it unlocked, ready to fucking leave because it was nearly 3 AM at this point. He grabbed my hand again, I said I’d give him a call - because if I didn’t he was going to kill himself - and then he gave me a hug goodbye. OK, nothing wrong with that. Oh, one more hug? And a kiss a on the cheek. Sure…drunk people get emotional, I get it. Oh, one more? “Come here, man.” And he started to lean in very slowly as if he was going to kiss me. I backed up, said it wasn’t like that, and pulled my hand back. He laughed and said something like, “Of course not!” and let me get into my car.

I started the car and got the fuck outta Dodge without looking back. All I wanted was some damn Ibruprofen and ended up, apparently, getting hit on by a PTSD’d former Marine Freemason murder-for-hire 49er fan. It was only Friday too, still got all of Saturday and Sunday to see what other random Hollywood weirdness I can stumble into. The lesson to take away from this? Never visit the 7-11 on Hollywood and Normandie after dark.

So, stopped by 7-11 tonight and ended up in a 30 minute conversation with a guy that said he was a former Marine, current mason, and that he needed work i.e. someone to kill and gave me his card while insinuating that he’d kill himself if I didn’t call him. Also, he tried to kiss me when we said goodbye. SO THAT IS HOW MY NIGHT WENT IF YOU WERE WONDERING WHERE I AM IN LIFE RIGHT NOW.


It is no secret that a song can take you back to a moment. Think of how many times you have heard your favorite song on the radio and you remember that night you were at a concert and the band played it. It transports you back to the moment instantly as the faulty camera of your mind does its…

The full moon, Death Cab for Cutie, and these conversations are not good for my mind.

10 Random Facts About Me

This is finally getting done, Boubonbooksandblues!

  1. I’ve lived in my current neighborhood for most of my life. My family came over in the 20s from Italy and I’m the last one here in the area. I think it’s why I haven’t really considered moving out of here.
  2. I’ve owned each model iPhone. Not sure what that means but if someone is willing to buy it for more than I’ll be paying, I’m not passing it up! Think I’m going to stop for a bit with the 5 though, I really like this one.
  3. My palm tree tattoo is based on one my grandpa had. I got it as tribute to him prior to the actual tattoo with his name on my left arm. He had a palm tree in a similar place on his left arm which he got in the war.
  4. I played two years of college football. It was only DIII because I’m 5’9” but it was a good experience.
  5. I told a girl I loved her in order to sleep with her. This makes me an awful person but I learned my lesson and nothing like that has ever crossed my mind again. I don’t say things I don’t believe any longer.
  6. I tear up when I hear that “You are my sunshine…” song because I used to sing it with my grandma while we watered the trees on the property. It’s still one of my favorite things to think about.
  7. I used to write video game reviews and band interviews for a magazine called Skinnie.
  8. I won a science fair category in grade school with a full color, hand-illustrated poster about the families and species of whales. I still have the trophy, I think.
  9. I’ve performed in a play at Paramount Studios. We won the group comedy category in the Shakespeare Festival when we were in middle school. Now, I wasn’t some integral part but I was part of the group so it was fun. We beat high schools and middle schools so it felt good.
  10. I’m finishing up a project to get a book published.

5 Random Facts about Me per Darlingbexy

First, I’ve had a 10 Fact note in my inbox for some time now and I owe that to one of my followers. I swear I’ll get that out if there are ten more interesting things for me to say after this note. 

  1.  I watched The Little Mermaid more as a kid than I did Transformers and G.I. Joe. My mom’s boyfriend had a little daughter and since I was an only child, that was pretty much my sister equivalent so we watched whatever she wanted. I also didn’t give much of a fuck about G.I. Joe. Transformers on the other hand was awesome and Michael Bay destroyed that part of my childhood, Ninja Turtles are right around the corner so fuck you Michael Bay.
  2. I dated a girl that had the same birthday as I did, she was just 3 years younger. Perhaps that’s her interesting fact? I dunno. It’s not common so it’ll have to do. Two Pisces together is an emotional trainwreck sharknado. Not recommended.
  3. I totally used the fact that I lived next to an actor growing up as a line to hook up with a girl in middle school. “You do? I’d do anything to meet him!” Well…
  4. I checked “Other: Italian” and “Native American” on my college applications and my college ended up just listing me as Native American for all four years. So, thank you everyone’s parents for helping subsidize my college education due to the fact that some of my people were murdered and thrown off their land.
  5. My mom’s friend gave me my first tattoo for $30 in high school. He owned a shop, I’d just turned 18, and my mom wanted me to go to a place she knew. So, that happened. Also, turns out, my mom and I both have a similar tattoo on our right shoulder now. It’s a steer skull (think the Native American symbolism) and mine has feathers on one horn and a dreamcatcher on the other. Hers is different but same basic idea. Was an interesting realization after I’d gotten it and remembered hers.

Alright, well, that’s that. Now I gotta find 10 more things to post soon. Oh, and 5 of you will get this same thing. :)

Writing letters: a nice, forgotten way to spend an evening with a glass of whiskey.

There’s a fairly decent chance I’m mildly depressed. That is all.