Not sure why this is up but it’s awesome. That’s the original billboard for Arcade Fire’s first major release, Funeral. I can’t thank the girl I was dating at the time enough for introducing me to them. Hearing Wake Up live is a spiritual experience and I still get goosebumps when I hear the song and relive those moments. Anyway, here’s a random billboard for your Friday morning. #arcadefire #billboard #funeral #hollywood #music


Band of Horses | The Funeral

Not a new song but I’m currently obsessed with it.

Last one! #thenakedandfamous #echoplex #music (at Echoplex (venue))

Well, hi there, Regine #arcadefire #music #regine #reflektor

Going to church tonight with @jadelawhon #ArcadeFire #NeonBible #Reflektor #Funeral #TheSuburbs #music (at The Forum)

OK, I’n not fucking crazy (or drunk on whiskey), right? This is fucking incredible, dirty, fuck me hard rock n roll, right? 

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Inner City Travellin’ ManAmerigo Gazaway [Yasiin Gaye]

An incredible album if y’all don’t have it.

This show was a smashing success. Thank you, Grouplove, wonderful as always. @ladygrouplove @theycallmeyama #grouplove #thevirgil #music #silverlake (at The Virgil)


The Suburbs (written and originally performed by Arcade Fire) covered by me

Hello dear followers,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a cover on tumblr in ages but I’m still making stoner music without being actually stoned (huzzah). GarageBand materialized in my iPad so it’s kind of nice. I recorded another cover of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs and I’m just going to leave it here even though I know I’m going to regret it. By the way I don’t actually own the rights to any song that I’ve ever posted on my blog but you can find them HERE anyway. 

Lots of luv,

~*~ Val ~*~

Yay, Val