OK, I’n not fucking crazy (or drunk on whiskey), right? This is fucking incredible, dirty, fuck me hard rock n roll, right? 

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Inner City Travellin’ ManAmerigo Gazaway [Yasiin Gaye]

An incredible album if y’all don’t have it.

This show was a smashing success. Thank you, Grouplove, wonderful as always. @ladygrouplove @theycallmeyama #grouplove #thevirgil #music #silverlake (at The Virgil)


The Suburbs (written and originally performed by Arcade Fire) covered by me

Hello dear followers,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a cover on tumblr in ages but I’m still making stoner music without being actually stoned (huzzah). GarageBand materialized in my iPad so it’s kind of nice. I recorded another cover of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs and I’m just going to leave it here even though I know I’m going to regret it. By the way I don’t actually own the rights to any song that I’ve ever posted on my blog but you can find them HERE anyway. 

Lots of luv,

~*~ Val ~*~

Yay, Val



Our favorite Los Angeles based music festival is back yet again in 2014 and are yet again promising the best weekend of the summer! They’ve announced their 2014 lineup which will be headlined by The Strokes and Phoenix as well as performances by Interpol, Grimes, Little Dragon, Tycho, Todd…

This is a rather incredible lineup.

Lauren Barth - Lucas Guerin - Caitlin Anne Webster - May 27th at the Lot 1 Cafe in Echo Park

@therecordcompany #therecordcompany #hotelcafe #hollywood #music The place got hotter and hotter until it finally blew like a powder keg during the last two songs. Wonderful performance tonight, guys. (at The Hotel Cafe)

Little clip of my buddy Chris and @therecordcompany tonight at Hotel Cafe. They’ve gotten better every time I see them and it’s just going to keep going. See them if you can. #TheRecordCompany #music #blues #slideguitar HotelCafe (at The Hotel Cafe)