This commercial moves me. Yes, it’s simply for an iPad but it uses one of my favorite pieces of dialog from a favorite film of mine. Steve Jobs always said that Apple was about the intersection of technology and liberal arts and I think this encapsulates that quite well.


Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”

No matter how many times I see this, it affects me in a deeply profound way. I understand that it’s a commercial for the most valuable company in the world but there’s more to it than just branding. The words matter, they hold weight.

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Why doesn’t Apple buck-up and work with Google for mapping? What a shameful and plainly stupid waste of resources and brain power.



Berlin, Antarctica

aaah… Apple…

I call bullshit… I just tried twice and there was no placement of the pin in Antarctica.

iPhones for everyone

First, the new design - while we’ve known about it already - is damn nice. I maintain that the iPhone is leaps and bounds above any competitor in terms of pure design. The brushed metal on the back looks lickable.

Second, I don’t get why everyone expects each new version of a(ny) phone to be completely and radically different than the previous version. Sometimes that helps (iPhone - iPhone 3G - iPhone 4) and keeps things fresh. This iPhone is the same basic form factor as the 4/4S with enough to keep things interesting. But, people are saying it’s boring because it didn’t completely reinvent the wheel (they already did that with the 1st iPhone, people) and throw each and every piece of gadgetry into it. Most people don’t care about that stuff. Geeks tend to forget that -while the geek community has grown and expanded - most people just want something that looks nice and works and geeks are still the minority. They don’t know what NFC is and they don’t care. But, according to all of the vocal nerds, the iPhone is the biggest failure ever. Ultimately, Apple set the bar so high, everyone else has to rely on gimmicks and they can just keep moving along.

Talk to me once the quarterly sales figures are out. Should I remind you that the iPhone nearly made more last quarter than Google did as a company?

Third, I’m like iOS 6 so far though, to be fair, there isn’t much difference to 5. The layout and such is all the same - they didn’t revamp the UI like Microsoft did with Windows Phone 6.5 —> 7 (which is awesome, btw. In fact, I think it looks better than iOS and both destroy Android and it’s cheap look) 

Still, this phone will sell a boatload of units and iOS will keep evolving at a steady pace despite the geek outcries with each update. And, Apple has one phone - the iPhone - and it outsells all other phones on the market so I guess they’re doing something right.

Well, this is a doodle I did a while ago inspired by Arcade Fire’s “My Heart is an Apple.” I just got a new Wacom tablet and this was my first try at using it, which is why the color is so basic. Anyway, look up the lyrics to the song for the meaning. #music #arcadefire #myheartisanapple #heart #blood #apple #drawing #wacom #personal (Taken with Instagram)

Samsung Got What It Deserved

Let me first preface this by saying that I believe our patent system does need to be revamped. Let me also say that there are some devices where designs become fairly standardized and there’s really nothing much more that can be done. That being said, Samsung got exactly what it deserved.

I’m sure you’ve stumbled across an article or Facebook post about the decisions in the Apple vs Samsung trial that were handed down the other night. Apple sued Samsung for infringement and won nearly every point, although for less in damages than they’d sought (whatever, they’ve got more money than some countries probably do in the bank). Now, I’m not saying that Samsung got what they deserved because I’m writing this on my MacBook Air while listening to my iPhone 4S. I completely disagreed with a decision a few years ago where Microsoft had to pay $500 million over some software patent that some troll had been awarded; they didn’t actually make anything, just held a patent and waited for license fees. I’m saying that Samsung got what they deserved because their copying was extemely blatant and obvious – they weren’t even trying with the devices these disputes were over.

To see how badly they cloned the iPhone all you need to do is look at Samsung’s phones before 2007 when the orginal iPhone was released and then look at them directly afterward. They’re nearly indistinguishable. It’s laughable. Hell, it’s even gotten to the point where they were copying Apple’s packaging aesthetic as well as their store designs.

Now that that’s all out of the way – to all the people who are saying that this is now the worst thing ever and Apple is just destroying competition, please, shut up. Do you see them going after HTC in this manner? Microsoft? Nokia? No, you don’t. They went after Samsung because they clearly and blatantly ripped off software and hardware designs. They did a damn good job too because they’re now the 2nd most profitably mobile company in the world.

This isn’t going to destroy their company. It’s not going to give Apple a monopoly in the industry. It’s not going to do anything other than force companies to be innovative on their own and not just blatantly steal ideas. Samsung seems to be doing pretty well with their new phones and designs so good for them.

And, at the end of the day, innovation will actually end up occuring sooner and with better quality products! Seriously, look at Windows Phone 8. It’s a damn good looking OS. I would even say that it’s a better looking OS than iOS in some instances. It’s definitely a more unique take on how a phone OS can be designed and used. Know how that happened? By having to come up with it on their own and relying on their own designers’ knowledge and skills. Know who didn’t do that? Google. Android is such a cheap knockoff of iOS it’s not even funny. Yes, I know it does things differently. Yes, I know it sometimes does things better (and vice versa) but at the end of the day it’s just an ugly version of iOS. In fact, to see how badly they copied Apple in the first place, all you have to do is look at what the first Google phone was going to be until Google’s CEO – who sat on Apple’s board – saw iOS, ran back to Google, and scrapped it all.

So, if you’re going to sit there and whine about Samsung getting the shit slapped out of them for copying, you’re just being an apologist and willfully denying the truth in the scenario. Samsung got what they deserved, Apple used the system in the exact way it should’ve, and innovation and design is going to be accelerated and benificial to us.

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