Dancing to her own beat

There was a homeless girl pacing back and forth in front of Starbucks tonight. Talking to herself. Dancing to some music only she could hear. I had to write about it though I doubt the writing itself is very good. We don’t do enough - as a country or individuals - for the homeless or mentally ill here. It says a lot about the people we’ve become…


Yes, she’s talking to herself

Yes, she’s dancing to her own music

Or whatever demons have taken over her mind

To us, she’s just a ‘crazy’ person to avoid

As we walk down the street

To our less than important destinations

In our less than important lives

Too busy to care about anyone but ourselves

Her mind has been taken from her

Without that

No one really exists

You don’t know what happened

I don’t know what happened

But we ridicule anyway

No matter the consequence

She’s just a crazy person, remember

She’s nobody to us

Dancing to her own beat

Conversing with her own figments

Real or imagined

Her mind snapped

Weight of the world?


Diseased, rotted?

We don’t know what happened

Nobody cares

Their lives consumed and filled by everything but compassion

For those less fortunate

For those afflicted

For anyone outside their bubble

Yes, she’s talking to herself

And nobody is listening